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Arcade Pole 1

Arhitect: Pritha Samanta


An Architect and Urban Designer. Pritha Samanta holds a master’s degree from Politecnico di Milano. She has over 4 years of work experience in India and Italy and has worked on projects of varying scales from signage design to residence, and college campuses up to large-scale urban design projects.

Her master’s thesis was on ‘Public Spaces as Cultural Infrastructure’, where she explored temporary public space usage in the walled city of Ahmedabad. She proposed the joined terraces as a secondary street, to be used as a public space, and created strategies to retain privacy while providing access to the community while generating some spaces of cultural importance.

Having gained valuable experience from LOCUS architects in India and SBG Architetti in Milan among other collaborations, Pritha now has her private practice in India.

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